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105 - EVF - Fill Your Own Fang Vial Necklace with Bat


Fill Your Own Fang Vial  Necklace with Bat 
Comes with necklace components already assembled. You just need to fill the vial and your good to go! Comes with vial, stopper, and a silver plated cap.
Use super glue to attach the cap.
Although the stopper fits well inside the vial, its top is a bit wide for the metal cap; To use the stopper, you will need to snip a bit off the edges of the top (wire cutters or scissors work well).

Ideas for filling vials: perfumes, oils, loved ones ashes, herbs, love notes, powders or even your lovers hair the ideas are endless! Included is suggested directions on filling your creation. If you are considering filling a vial with your own blood ask your doctor to draw your blood. Do not cut yourself to fill it.

This clear glass vampire fang vial is about 1.5 inches in height. These beautiful vials are handcrafted so expect some variance in the shape and size. The top of the glass tube is a bit rough. This is normal the silver cap covers it. Your vial is accented by a antique silver Vampire Bat. Hangs on a leather cord with black and silver bead accents. Secures with a lobster clasp.

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The Chinese cultures view bats as being prosperous symbols. 

<--Zoomed in Bat Charm look at theUnsurpassed detail!

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