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019 - MJ - Rune Love Necklace

Rune Love Necklace 
The Vikings are often portrayed as barbarians who enjoyed 
a good bloody plunder more than poetry. But in fact, the Vikings 
left behind a great number of documents in wood, stone and metal, 
all written in symbols known as runes. Runes are one of the oldest
writings known. The Vikings not only relied on these symbols 
for writing but also to cast spells, provide protection
and tell fortunes.

The Rune on this necklace symbolizes love, harmonic relationships, unity with ones self and all others, unity with nature and all things around us.
The Rune stands 1 inch it is antique silver and lead free. Hangs on a leather cord with silver and black bead accents. Secures with a lobster clasp. This necklace is hand crafted.

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