How to fill your Vial - It's easy as 1-2-3!

These directions are done using the Dragon Vial Necklace you
can use any of our vials available here at

Ideas for filling vials: perfumes, oils, ashes, herbs, love notes, powders
or as pictured here fake stage horror movie blood for a super creepy effect!
If you are considering filling a vial with your own blood ask your doctor to draw
your blood. Do not cut yourself to fill it.
Here is what your vial kit contains: (if you have purchased the vials without the necklace then you will have items
B, C and D)
A – leather decorated necklace cord
B – silver cap 
C – stopper
D – glass vial

You will need Crazy Glue or similar super glue and a pair of scissors or nail clippers
– not included in kit. I throw in an extra stopper in case you have butter fingers! The vials are handmade and sometimes a bit rough on the top this is normal and the silver cap covers it.


1) Putting a liquid substance into the vial: the easiest way is to use a small measuring spoon. Pour it in very slowly to avoid getting air bubbles. 
If you get an air bubble try inserting a thin wire into the vial (a twist tie works well) and this will remove the air bubble. If you don’t have a wire put your finger over the end and shake it gently to move the liquid to the bottom of the vial. Of course if you are filling your vial with powder, hair or love notes etc. you can just put them in the vial with your fingers.


2) Once your vial is filled you will need Crazy Glue or similar super glue. Put a small amount of glue around the edge of the vial. Be careful not to use too much! If the glue gets in the contents of the vial it looks GROSS! Insert the stopper into the vial, it fits in tightly. You will now have to trim the very edges of the stopper with scissors or nail clippers. Leave a very small amount of the stopper around the edge, this helps the silver cap fit tighter.
3) Put a tiny bit more glue on the end of the vial stopper and insert it into the silver cap. If you find it is not going on easily trim a tiny bit more off the edges of the stopper.
MPORTANT: Make sure that you put the cap on so it hangs properly. Example: In the Fang Vial Necklace picture here you would not want the fang vial to hang pointing out you want it to sit curved sideways when you are wearing it. This is important with the fang, tear drop, cross and amphora vials.
Now you have a beautiful vial you created!

Fill you own vials are available right here!

These directions are included with all our Fill Your Own Vial items.

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