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Tribal Fang Necklaces

001 - TF - The Tribal Fang Necklace - On Chain - Exclusive to VampireWear

The Tribal Fang Necklace
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Tribal Fang Tattoo Necklace  Exclusive to VampireWear!

Cast in pewter this exquisite necklace is custom designed with the VampireWear Tribal Fang logo. Created with amazing craftsmanship manufactured in the USA.

1 1/2 in. wide X 1 1/4 in. high
Comes on a very strong antique silver chain.

Regular Price $18.99
Sale Price Only $16.00!
Each necklace is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Once you receive your necklace send us a picture of yourself wearing it we'll add you to the "Vampire Tribe" area on the website! The Vampire Tribe area is here.

Exclusive VampireWear Certificate Authenticity

$18.99 Sale! $16.00
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